Eudialyte and Silver Pendant


Eudialyte gemstone in a woven Argentium® Silver setting, on a leather cord with silver clasp.

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Eudialyte’s lovely color combination of deep carmine red, gray, and black are set off brilliantly with an Argentium® Silver weave in this one-of-a-kind pendant.

Argentium® Silver is carefully woven around the stone, then coiled and wrapped to form the bail. The pendant measures 1.75″ high and 1″ wide.  A 15.5″ leather cord with a hand-formed 1″ long Argentium® Silver clasp is laced through the bail.

Wash the pendant (not the leather cord) in mild dish detergent and warm water and dry with a soft cloth. Eudialyte’s name comes from the Greek eu and dialytos, meaning “well decomposable.”  Its name alludes to its solubility in acid, so avoid exposing the pendant to lemon juice or other acidic cleaning products.

Gemstones have been believed to hold metaphysical properties, alter our moods, and remedy a spectrum of ailments for thousands of years. Eudialyte is known as a stone of the heart. It is said to bring harmony and balance into matters of the heart, and to dispel jealousy.

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